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brings together the right and left brains of top creative and analytical industry leaders of talent acquisition


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MSP is about people.
People First
Process Second
Profits Last
Guess what? Profits will SOAR!


GURU stirs discussion, challenges thinking, and causes constructive disruption that improves relationships.


New Ideas
New Methods
New Technologies

The GURU Effect...

  • GURU brings the right and left brains together

  • A combined force of analytical and creative workforce industry leaders

  • Passionate strategists and problem solvers

  • A multi-cultural team of MSP and staffing geeks and creatives

  • Global Velocity - a team with the 'real-deal' experience!

  • Atlanta - London

  • GURU DISRUPTION is happening!

David Ballew, Founder and Workforce GURU

David Ballew, Founder and Workforce GURU

David Ballew, a global contingent workforce & talent acquisition consultant, is a published professional and dynamic public speaker. The recruitment industry recognizes David for his strength in managed service provider strategy, creative thought leadership, and successful business development.

Ballew’s 25 years focused on managed service provider solutions. His leadership experience spans the globe, including operations in North America, Europe, and most recently a consultative approach to business development in EMEA/APAC. Before joining Geometric Results, Inc. in 2000 (a subsidiary of MSX International/Bain Capital), Ballew served at Kelly Services, Inc. for six years where he led in the creation of Kelly’s first managed service provider solution.

Ballew holds a bachelor's degree from Regent’s University in London, United Kingdom, studied law and business management in the United States, and holds numerous staffing industry and Six-Sigma certifications.


Clients call us before selecting or changing their MSP partner.

What is your TOTAL TALENT MANAGEMENT strategy?

MSP Business Case

WHAT WE DO: Our experienced GURUS develop a customized business case framework that answers the Board and Executive team questions BEFORE they ask.

WHY? Seeking internal approval to implement an MSP model is often political, complex, and sometimes highly emotional. The ROI is significant when balanced with the right business case that includes strategic planning, realistic resource capacity expectations, and strategic technology partners that deliver REAL INNOVATION.

Change Management

WHAT WE DO: We put People First - GURU provides a proven change management methodology that minimizes workplace disruption, anxiety and maximizes productivity during times of change.

WHY? Change happens. We all know the long list of events driving change: Acquisitions, Redundancies, Vendor Rationalization, Corporate Restructure... and reacting to change is part of being REAL PEOPLE with REAL FEELINGS... and can be an emotional experience.

Call us immediately when you know organizational change will happen!

Market Research

WHAT WE DO: GURU provides you with customized market research enabling fact-based decisions, competitive intelligence, and a clear understanding of the market barriers to entry.

WHY? Before you decide where to go next with your business... avoid costly mistakes by engaging our GURUS to guide you through our proprietary creative process to determine real market differentiators, develop customized sales and marketing planning, and ensure market analytics are fully optimized to deliver success!

People Analytics

WHAT WE DO: We remove the guesswork from your HR initiatives. Our GURUS, specialized in MSP solutions, staffing, and recruitment include GEEKS AND WIZARDS (a.k.a. data scientists) who analyze external market data and your internal data to provide you with the best talent and skill recommendations.

WHY? You don't know what you don't know. KNOW your current employee skills BEFORE engaging an external workforce. Lower negative employee turnover by taking action to demonstrate employee commitment by understanding their capabilities and taking capacity planning to a new level.

What is your plan to reach your PEOPLE strategy goals and objectives?

Going Global

WHAT WE DO: MSP GURU® has experience on every continent (except Antarctica - much too cold!) and understands what is required... and more importantly, how to successfully take an MSP program 'global.'

WHY? The importance of the overall health of a global program must be balanced with authentic awareness and acceptance of cultural differences. Without sincere consideration and taking a personal interest in others – i.e.,  country, differences, and approach to business practice - the program is not a sustainable business model and eventually leads to the negative turnover of the MSP team, vendor apathy, transactional thinking, and guess what? – low client satisfaction. As an American company we learned from global experience – the ‘American approach to business’ is not often well received by the global community. Sadly, the result is sometimes a very long and challenging relationship for the client offices outside the USA.

How do you know your Global Workforce Strategy is working?

RFx / Proposals


  • Selection of an MSP partner
  • Selection of a Vendor Management System (VMS)
  • Selection of innovative technology partners to optimize operations, manage cost, and increase profits
  • Four Service Level Options:
    • Level 1 - We RESPOND - Edit and content development of your existing documents
    • Level 2 - We IDENTIFY - Bidder Identification/Qualification/Selection
    • Level 3 - We CREATE - RFx Creation, and you facilitate the process
    • Level 4 - We FACILITATE - The RFx process for you!
    • Perhaps you have a different idea or need... call us!

WHY? Proposals keep most people up at night. You already have a 'day-job' and like most people limited capacity to absorb another project. Our team of GURUS understands the industry from both sides... the Buyer and Provider. We simplify your life!

MSP Model Options

WHAT WE DO: We develop and implement customized MSP programs. New MSP business models are emerging and combining the best of in & out-sourcing with the portability of capabilities (people skills and technology) rarely experienced in the history of our industry.

WHY: Learn from history. We experienced the outsourced MSP evolution, and then many companies decided to try again with an MSP 2nd generation (GEN2), and surprisingly, some decided on a GEN3... so whatever happened to "three-strikes and you are out?" We now understand many assumptions were faulty and failed because MSP/Client divorce rates continue to rise with velocity.

Life after MSP divorce. Our world is experiencing a “skill and technology revolution” enabling transformational MSP change!

A timely transfer of the MSP provider’s fee revenue back to your organization creates a compelling business case. Consider a spend value of $25M and a 3% vendor fee = $750K ANNUAL fee revenue - MORE THAN enough to finance your resource team, the vendor management system (VMS), cloud and other technologies, and so much more!

Real innovation creates opportunities to change our thinking, our strategy, and most importantly deliver quantifiable success. Remember - the “War for Talent” is real. Experienced MSP resources are joining the gig-economy at record rates and available to help you navigate the MSP innovation revolution.

MSP Health Check

WHAT WE DO: We provide clients with an objective third party, “MSP HEALTH CHECK” to ensure a real understanding of the MSP’s current state.

WHY? A national or global MSP is often fragmented. A client must consider the reality of the MSP “ethics wall” (the historical and culturally insensitive - “Chinese wall”).  Regardless of market brand separation, an MSP with a staffing entity sometimes struggles with conflicting internal priorities at the expense of the client and vendor pool.  Moreover, we know decisions influenced by industry publications and “awards-for-pay” can do an injustice to the MSP industry.

Do you know where your company falls on the MSP’s long list of clients expecting and thinking they are No. 1 in the ‘pecking order.’ Remember, a large portfolio of familiar client logos is not always a signal of MSP success. Sometimes it’s the MSP logo you don’t know… alternatively, another option could be the best decision – a hybrid or in-sourced MSP business model.

What is health of your MSP? Clients call us BEFORE spending time, money, and energy on the renewal/extension of their MSP contract.

Audit & Compliance

WHAT WE DO: GURU provides independent third-party audit services ensuring you, your MSP and vendors are compliant.

WHY? Risk is EVERYWHERE and penalties can be severe - MSA, SLA, KPI, FERPA, IC, HIPPA, IR35, AWR, GDPR, FINANCIAL, and…

It’s true. Few MSP providers utilize independent third-party auditors. If not, why not? Are your audit results FACT of FICTION? Learn from history. What were the most recent independent third-party compliance audit results of your MSP and vendor partners?

MSP SUCCESS FACTORS: Program Governance, Risk Mitigation, and Market Credibility.

Clients. Passing an audit is confirmation that your MSP partner is best-in-class. There are three types of audits - certificationsurveillance, and re-certification. MSP-GURU - remember, always require independent third-party audits as part of your master service agreement with your MSP. Our team is an extension of the client’s quality management methodology to ensure a seamless and consistent audit approach.

MSP Providers. A rigorous and successful third-party audit creates market credibility and increased client confidence. MSP-GURU – remember, always include independent third-party audit services as a sales market differentiator strengthening your market credibility.

Staffing Firms call us to help grow their business!

Business Development

WHAT WE DO: Our approach is unique because our GURUS have worn both hats - the Staffing Firm and the Client Buyer. This understanding enables our GURUS to create a strategic growth plan that delivers results. Setting strategy, creating a plan to execute that strategy, and providing ongoing coaching creates a team energy felt by the client... an energy that transforms your client relationships.

WHY? Mediocracy or failure is guaranteed without a strategy. Let's be honest - the 'typical sales process' doesn't always deliver and is often lacking a foundational strategy. What is your plan to attract new business... and, how do you win the War for Talent to deliver on your strategy? We are both creative and analytical. Our people understand people and how client decisions are made (or not).

Recruiter Performance

WHAT WE DO: Our GURUS enable your recruiters to maximize their commission opportunity. First, we complete a comprehensive assessment of your REAL PEOPLE. Our GURUS use people analytics including performance and culture to determine opportunities for improvement and new ideas (a.k.a. REAL INNOVATION) to ensure quantifiable results.

WHY? We know from experience that recruiter performance directly impacts vendor tier structure, new order opportunity, recruiter commissions, and yes... company margins. We know that providing training, innovative sourcing technology, and a competitive commission plan, recruiters are fully engaged in the short-term; and your company culture keeps them engaged for the long-term.

Increased placements = Increased Revenue = Increased Commissions = VERY HAPPY RECRUITERS!


Technology Advisors

WHAT WE DO: Together we create a customized technology strategy that optimizes performance, enables growth, and yes, increases PROFITS... a.k.a. REAL INNOVATION.  Whether considering an ATS, VMS, or any  related technology, we weed through the tech-terminology, functionality, configuration, and the likes to ensure what you see is what you get! FIT FOR PURPOSE.

WHY? Understanding technology can be complicated and selecting a technology can be expensive! Before spending any more money on technology, our proprietary technology assessment methodology is designed to assess your current technology capabilities, their future product roadmap (often lacking reality) and requirements gathering to determine the REAL current and desired future state.




Client Testimonials

David has been instrumental in promoting VeriKick, and it’s suite of products. He is a dedicated, talented, and very knowledgeable resource to partner with. David’s guidance…
Monique BurgenerSr. Director MSP/VMS and Client ManagementVeriKlick

Bea Arthur Fund



The Ali Forney Center - Bea Arthur Fund
Housing for Homeless LGBTQ Youth

Atlanta, Georgia USA — 4 April 2019 — Today,

MSP GURU® LLC, an LGBTQ owned company and global advisory service for the managed service provider (MSP), recruitment and staffing industry, commit to a shared profit program supporting the Bea Arthur Residence of the Ali Forney Center shelter for homeless LGBTQ youth in New York City.

Bea Arthur, a gay icon and Golden Girls television star, passed away in 2009. Arthur had been a great supporter of the charity, saying

“These kids at the Ali Forney Center are literally dumped by their families because of the fact that they are lesbian, gay or transgender. This organization really is saving lives.”

Positive LGBTQ Community Impact

“The MSP GURU® team of consultants are honored to support the Bea Arthur Residence and support Bea’s vision to help vulnerable LGBTQ kids,”

David Ballew, Founder MSP GURU® LLC.

Are you sending specialized resources to Israel?

#1 in per capita venture capital, 30 times that of Europe and 2.5 times the rate of the USA
#1 in medical patents per capita
#1 in global R&D spending supported by >200 multi-national R&D centers
#1 in start-ups outside Silicon Valley
Moreover, the list continues!

MSP GURU® is the service bridge between Israel and our global clients.

We facilitate much more than payroll services.

  • Each contractor is unique and has individual needs and concerns.
  • Our Tel Aviv experts navigate the bureaucracy using localized relationships making the journey appear seamless to our clients and more important – your contractor!
  • We not only manage payroll, tax, insurance, pension, provident funds, and the administration – our pricing delivers cost savings balanced with a personalized and local relationship manager for your contractors..
  • Your contractor is happier, enjoys their international experience, and stays loyal to you!


Industry Insights


Did you know....

Many of our clients rely on the Vendor Management System (VMS) candidate search and ranking to make important sourcing decisions.

How do we know the ranking is correct? Candidate ranking using key-word search is not precise.

It is critical to know how your VMS technology is performing the candidate ranking: is it key-word or a context search?

Context is eradicating key-word search.

A contextual search increases the precision and value of the results. VMS and other recruitment industry technologies are moving at a rapid speed and will determine the future of global recruitment and your success in the war for talent. Gone are the days when information retrieval returns a list based on relevance. Contextual is light years ahead, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) is real.

The elephant in the room

Clients with an MSP rely on us to remove the ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM.

Corrective actions begin by evaluating your program governance model, communication strategy, and sometimes most important – your Issue Log! Know this… an elephant can come in all sizes; the bigger the elephant, the bigger the program stress and potential for failure.

Remove the elephant by accepting OPEN, HONEST, and DIRECT discussion - a crucial element to properly managing your MSP relationship.

Clients call us when they need an MSP program reset (a.k.a. “reality check”).

We assign our third-party independent GURUS (elephant trainers) based on their specialized skills… we have you covered!

Staffing Agency Technology Optimization

Staffing Agencies are asking MSP-GURU for help to understand their options BEFORE spending any more money on a yet another system lacking roadmap innovation, real integrations, or a legacy system with user interface (UI) front-end flash… with old ‘bones.’

Download File Now

MSP Battleship - Winning the War for Talent

Staffing Agencies turn to us for innovation to win the “War for Talent.” Since 1967, the Battleship game has been a favorite of kids around the world. The phrase “war for talent,” when applied to fierce market competition is the reality. Companies can die from fierce competition. What’s your plan?

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MSP Compliance - Fact or Fiction?

Clients are asking us to validate their MSP provider's compliance. Passing an audit is confirmation that your MSP partner is best-in-class. Remember, always require an independent third-party audit as part of your master service agreement with your MSP.’

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MSP Client Relationship Lifecycle

An assessment of the Client Relationship Lifecycle to understand the status of the MSP relationship begins by shifting the focus from feelings only, to an understanding of reality using data and fact patterns in balance with feelings. This assessment often changes one or both companies’ “reality” of their relationship. The clarity enables strategic decisions based on balance and truth.

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MSP Divorce - insourcing your MSP program!

Clients are asking how we help them design an insourced MSP program. We experienced the outsourced MSP evolution, and then many companies decided to try again with an MSP 2nd generation (GEN2), and now we understand many assumptions were faulty and failed because MSP/Client divorce rates continue to rise with velocity.

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