Considering an MSP solution?
Business Case Development.
Seeking approval for an MSP is often political and complex. GURU provides a framework and industry facts that answer Board and Executive questions - before they ask.
GURU provides a neutral third-party audit service ensuring  your MSP and vendors are compliant to SLA, KPI, and contract requirements. How do you know your MSP and their vendor services are compliant?
GURU cost/price tools provide strategic direction for optimized pricing, vendor analysis, and program data analytics. What is your plan to reach 2019 goals and objectives?
Going Global.
GURU understands what it takes to 'go-global.' = How do you know your Global Workforce Strategy is working?
Market Analysis.
GURU delivers customized market analysis enabling fact-based decisions, competitive intelligence, and barriers to entry for new MSP providers. 
Cost vs. Price Analysis.
  • Business Case Development
  • Change Management
  • Compliance
  • Cost vs. Price Analysis
  • Going Global
  • Implementation
  • In Vs. Outsourcing
  • Market Research/Analysis
  • RFx
GURU has a strategic plan to insource your MSP and provide ongoing advisory services ensuring your program remains competitive.
GURU enables a successful implementation. Our team understands the complexities of project management and the MSP industry specialized nuances.
In vs. Outsourcing.
Change Management.
Whether considering a new MSP
or making changes to your existing program -
GURU team advisors are here to help.
GURU brings the right people together to help with the development of an RFx for the selection of an MSP and Vendor Management Systems (VMS).
People First - GURU provides a proven change management methodology to minimize workplace disruption and maximize opportunity. Reacting to change is part of being a real person and can be an emotional experience.