Staffing Agency Technology Optimization
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Staffing Agencies are asking MSP-GURU for help to understand their options BEFORE spending any more money on a yet another system lacking roadmap innovation, real integrations, or a legacy system with user interface (UI) front-end flash… with old ‘bones.’

MSP Battleship - Winning the War for Talent

Staffing Agencies turn to us for innovation to win the “War for Talent.” Since 1967, the Battleship game has been a favorite of kids around the world. The phrase “war for talent,” when applied to fierce market competition is the reality. Companies can die from fierce competition. What’s your plan?

Clients are asking us to validate their MSP provider's compliance. Passing an audit is confirmation that your MSP partner is best-in-class. Remember, always require an independent third-party audit as part of your master service agreement with your MSP.

MSP Compliance - Fact or Fiction?
MSP Client Relationship Lifecycle

An assessment of the Client Relationship Lifecycle to understand the status of the MSP relationship begins by shifting the focus from feelings only, to an understanding of reality using data and fact patterns in balance with feelings. This assessment often changes one or both companies’ “reality” of their relationship. The clarity enables strategic decisions based on balance and truth.

MSP Divorce - insourcing your MSP program!

Clients are asking how we help them design an insourced MSP program. We experienced the outsourced MSP evolution, and then many companies decided to try again with an MSP 2nd generation (GEN2), and now we understand many assumptions were faulty and failed because MSP/Client divorce rates continue to rise with velocity.



Many of our clients rely on the Vendor Management System (VMS) candidate search and ranking to make important sourcing decisions.

How do we know the ranking is correct? Candidate ranking using key-word search is not precise.


It is critical to know how your VMS technology is performing the candidate ranking: is it key-word or a context search?


Context is eradicating

key-word search.


A contextual search increases the precision and value of the results. VMS and other recruitment industry technologies are moving at a rapid speed and will determine the future of global recruitment and your success in the war for talent. Gone are the days when information retrieval returns a list based on relevance. Contextual is light years ahead, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) is real.